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Assembled Flexible Hoses for Very High Pressures


Our spiral hoses have long been renowned for their high performance levels, thanks to their thoroughly reliable standard and/or interlock fittings, comprising all the latest technological innovations to rise to even the most challenging and demanding of applications.

Increasingly high pressure levels, with frequent pulsations and high temperatures: these are the characteristics requested

by most constructors of large machinery, hydraulic cranes and injection presses, which, in order to guarantee performance even under extreme conditions, must be equipped with absolutely reliable components.

Abrasion-resistant coverings have become increasingly in demand, due to the compactness of machines and close proximity to moving parts.


All the fittings used by Tubi Italflex to assemble its entire range of pipes are the fruit of the constant and continuing work of our Technical Department, who have developed a safe and reliable product, thanks to their decades of experience in the broadest range of sectors.

Steel, brass and stainless steel are the alternative materials used.
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