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Assembled Flexible Hoses for High Pressures

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The rubber hoses, with woven steel sheath, to SAE, DIN or EN standards, have been used for decades in the widest variety of hydraulics applications.

Their safety, flexibility and reliability have made them a reference point wherever hydraulic oil, or any other fluid or gas, need to be transferred at high pressures.

Right from the early '90s, Tubi Italflex sought to gather the most significant market signals, complementing its historic lines of woven sheath hoses, to standards SAE 100 R1 and R2, with the results of the sector's evolving technology: its "compact" pipe sales programmes, to standard EN  857 and subsequently, SAE 100 R16 and the isobaric SAE 100 R17.

Lines of hoses that combine pressure resistance with excellent flexibility and considerably reduced dimensions.

Furthermore, these hoses are available both in a version that can withstand temperatures of up to 150°, and one with an abrasion-resistant covering, thus enabling Tubi Italflex to offer a complete response to any type of problem in the hydraulics field.


Equally careful attention has been paid to the use of thermoplastic hoses which, as well as the excellent pressure resistance performance offered by the reinforced SAE 100 R7 and R8, are also compatible with the most aggressive fluids, and are non-toxic and hygienic, a combination of qualities that cannot be found in other materials.

Amongst the various applications of thermoplastic hoses, a place of prime importance is reserved for the braking system pipe sector, where, in addition to hoses with fibre reinforced polyester, we also offer hoses reinforced with high-resistance woven steel.

Finally, where there are specific problems, we can supply Teflon piping with stainless steel reinforcement.

To complement this range of hoses, we have a special series of fittings with metric and UNF threading, as well as shaped rigid terminals, to suit clients' needs.

With hoses for braking systems, in addition to the traditional pressurised tests, we can also carry out tensile and volumetric expansion tests.